Natalie Peters


Natalie Peters is a vocalist with focus on improvised music. Beyond that, she also works interdisciplinary in the area of theatre and poetry. 

Born in Heidelberg in 1976, she grew up in the southern part of Germany.
Natalie started her career as an actress for theatre and experimental cinema. In 1998 she moved to Berlin. In Germany’s capital, she experienced first touch points with improvised music, which evolved to become the main inspiration for her daily work. Subsequently, she developed performances with musicians, first using her own writings, but shortly afterwards she explored the power of the human voice in her authentic and very personal expression.
Working with the own body has always been the base element for Natalie to stabilize and to foster her approach to a fresh and creative use of the personal voice as an instrument. Consequently, she intensified her passion and got graduated at the Feldenkrais Institute in Heidelberg back in 2014.
For a long period of time she worked intensely in Duo with the trumpet player Guy Bettini. She also shared stage with Sebi Tramontana, Paul Lovens, Guillaume Gargaud, Luca Pissavini, Lino Blöchlinger, the butoh dancer Gyohai Zaitsu and many others.

Since 2004 Natalie lives in Locarno/ Switzerland. Panelle 10, the name of Natalie’s atelier, is an open space for musicians, actors and all different kind of artists. Current projects are again her Solo work, in Duo with the violoncellist Sara Käser, and the collaboration with the Ensemble Sous-Sol, which is a group of musicians exploring free playing without conductor and concepts. Natalie leads her own Performance group and, in addition, she also organizes the concert serie Frequenze Libere 2023.