13. 11. 2023

This autumn:

Ensemble Sous-Sol is on Tour with the Amin Alavi Show

26.11. Spazio Elle, Locarno, 17.30

02.12. Roxy Bar, Basel, 20.00

03.12. Roxy Theater, Basel, 13.00

10.12. Casa Azul, Gordola,  11.00

21. 09. 2023

I am very pleased that we were able to publish this recording.

Duo Sara Käser&Natalie Peters Link

28. 04. 2022

03. 06. 2023

Hello my friends! Here you can find an interview of Sara Käser

and me. It was a great Radio session with ArchiRadio before we played for the Archipel Festival Genève. Thanks to Denis Schuler and his team and to all the attend listener. It was wonderfull to spend time with you.

Foto by Heike Fiedler.…/20230403_20230403_0858&playlist=1…#

15. 05. 2023

Dank an die Tessiner Zeitung und Johannes Rühl für diese kleine Notiz über meine Arbeit als Veranstalter.

10. 03. 2023

Cafè Locarnique